Manual Transmission in Minnesota

Being in business for over 50 years means we've got a huge selection of transmissions and parts for vehicles of all different years, makes and models!  Call with your specifics and you'll be amazed at the hard-to-find parts we can supply!  We've rebuilt almost every make and model at some point in time!  Give us a call with your needs!

Our Current Transmission Inventory offers


NP435, T18, T19, T176


S542, S547, S650


NV4500, Getrag, ZF S650, T5, T56


Getrag AX5, AX15, A525, Peugeot T14, T15, T84, T86, T90, NV4500, NV5600

We’ll share our more than half a century of experience with you.  Call us for more information.